Ah, the Summer nights, when you can lay out under the stars, see the full moon, turn into a giant ape monster and doom the planet. Just the joys of life. Well, if you’re a half-Saiyan child kidnapped to unlock your full power before your partial race comes to destroy your planet. I told you the Dragon Ball universe was a strange one.

“Dog Days” round 3

I know I’m probably stretching both the theme and the word fight, but dang it I’ve talked about nothing but Fredric Wertham all week and I’m losing another Saturday to family (other side this time) so this is what I have to play with.

The Battlefield: Dragon Ball tale 14, as reprinted and translated in Dragon Ball Z #7 (Viz Comics) “Deeds Done By The Full Moon”

The Promoters: Akira Toryama (writer/artist), Lilian Olsen (translation), Gerard Jones (adaptation), and Wayne Truman (touch-up art/letterer)

Piccolo brought Son Gohan (who is actually the son of Son Goku) out to train in the middle of nowhere. However, it’s the first time the boy has been exposed to a full moon and he has more of his father in him than he realizes. Oh, and I should remind you, this is the “unflipped version”, so it’s read right to left, like they do in Japan. I picked this version out of curiosity, and I’m just not a fan. I’m too used to the classic Western style I guess.

“I…I think I’m in love. Or having a heart attack. It’s been that kind of day.”

And what happens to a Saiyan when exposed to the moon? (When he has his tail anyway.)

{sniff} They grow up so fast.

And I do mean fast!

He’s now super big, super strong, can spit laser beams, and he’s not in control. Is this a bad combination?

“Dang it, Gohan! This isn’t the Fourth Of July. Or America. Or a version of Earth where either matters!”

This puts Piccolo into a task he’s not quite used to at this point in the series: the only one who can save the Earth. Usually he’s the one threatening it. Luckily he remembers something Raditz said.

And so NASA cancelled their trip. That and they don’t exist in this universe.

And Gohan is saved. Romantic walks are ruined and you don’t want to know what happened to all the beachfront property.

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