Filmation's 3rd logo from 1975

Filmation’s 3rd logo from 1975 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Filmation is mostly known for their animated works but they also did a number of live-action shows in the late 70s. One of them was Space Academy and while I don’t remember watching that show as a kid I do remember being a fan of its spin-off, Jason Of Star Command. Space 1970 came across an article in TV Guide showcasing the model used for the asteroid-homed academy in both shows.


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  1. Sean says:

    Last summer, you had linked the first episode of Space Academy to your site. I watched it, and it was pretty decent. In the wikipedia article, it even notes there were action figures that came out. I never saw Space Academy as a kid, but it looks like something I would have been interested in. The 70s certainly had a lot of space themed shows and movies. I wonder why that is.

    If you want a really good mystery/controversy to explore, try researching why the Young Astronauts cartoon (from Marvel, but contracted out to Toei?) and comic book (from STAR) never took off in 1986 as they were supposed to. Talk about a failure to launch!


    • The Challenger disaster is usually blamed for Young Astronauts being cancelled.


      • Sean says:

        Yes, but even before the Challenger explosion, there were lots of creative challenges and differences that were happening between the different parties involved. If anything, the cartoon and comic books should have came out after the Challenger disaster because that would have been a fitting legacy to honor the memories of those who died in the tragedy. Those who died in the explosion would have wanted to see young kids still dream of becoming astronauts despite the tragedy.


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