It’s another fight with the Ghost Who Walks, and it’s on a boat again. It’s like every time he goes on a boat he runs into drugrunners and pirates.

This time he went looking for them…no, wait, that happened last time too, only now he’s after someone hijacking yachts and killing the crew while kidnapping the rich people and captain for torture and presumably raping the women, or at least torturing them as well. Luckily I’m just showing the fight between the Phantom and the pirate captain.

Dog Days round 5

The Battlefield: The Phantom #3 (DC Comics; May, 1989) “Pirates”

The Promoters: Mark Verheiden (writer), Luke McDonnell (artist), Anthony Tollin (colorist), and Bob Pinaha (letterer)

The Phantom has taken down each of his men, so there’s only the captain left.

“Pretty boys.”

However, the Phantom better hurry up. There’s a clock ticking, and it’s connected to explosives!

“You’re a terrible dancer.”

And then the ship explodes, with the Phantom getting away, dragging the remaining pirates while his captain goes down with the ship. The Phantom does not kill but he’s picky at who he rescues.

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