This is not how you treat the fire department!

The Phantom #3

DC Comics (May, 1989)


WRITER: Mark Verheiden

ARTIST: Luke McDonnell

COLORIST: Anthony Tollin

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Robert Greenberger

When he was a boy the future Phantom talked his father into seeing a pirate movie, but while the movie portrayed pirates as jovial and brave, a Phantom knows otherwise. In the present, the Phantom and two Jungle Patrol agents go on an undercover assignment to find a group of pirates attacking rich ships. They get captured, but it’s part of the plan to rescue the survivors and shut the pirate operation down for good, the captain appearing to go down with his ship.

What they got right: A nice connection between the pirates of fiction and the truth about pirates. (I wonder what the Phantom thinks about One Piece?)

What they got wrong: I think someone forgot to draw the Phantom’s mask in and the colorist tried to get it in or something. The result is a mask that is way too small (unlike the cover, which is too big) and there are times he doesn’t even look like he’s wearing one. The mask, as we saw in the miniseries, is a big deal to Phantoms.

Recommendation: A short but good story. Worth picking up.


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