You might think that it’s a bit early to declare Star Trek: Discovery a disaster based on the fact that it won’t be airing for a while yet. However, the PR disaster for this series, from its questionable place in the multiverse established by the J.J. Abrams movies to the reasons behind those questions, continues to plague this series prior to release. Midnight’s Edge has some new developments and rumors and neither bodes well for this series that CBS is putting on the shoulders of its floundering “All Access” service.

Not that a Star Trek anthology wouldn’t be interesting but it’s not what fans wanted and it’s looking less and less like the show we all hoped for. Meanwhile I have seen trailers for The Orville and although a comedy (and a Seth McFarlane one at that, although he has been trying to do something that isn’t Family Guy or a knockoff like American Dad) it looks promising. Take a look.

Based on the trailer and what McFarlane had to say about his intentions, it sounds good. Although given Fox’s record with sci-fi versus their record with Seth’s work, we have yet to see how well things end up by the end of the season. I’m hopeful. Since the pilot for both will air on TV I will catch them both and let you know what I think, but I won’t compare The Orville (debuting September 10th) to Discovery (the 1st episode airing September 24th on CBS, but the rest exclusive to All Access in the US and Netflix internationally). I want the two shows to stand on their own, or possibly fall that way. I will keep you posted.


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