“Ugh! Morning Breath!”

Voltron: Defender Of The Universe #4

Devil’s Due (August, 2004)

“Revelations” part 4

WRITER: Dan Jolley

PENCILERS: Mike Norton & Clint Hilinski with Tim Seeley

INKER: Clayton Brown

COLORIST: Brett R. Smith

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

With Sven still recovering and Arus medical technology another victim of Zarkon’s decimation of the planet, our heroes are not in the best of shape. Lance does some research on Voltron and his creators, and interrupts a moment between Allura and Keith, although Keith denies that. Checking in on her, Lance runs into Prince Lotor, who came to claim her. He smacks Lance around and leaves at Allura’s insistence but leaves a good-bye present: a RoBeast! Sven awakens just in time to join his team in the lions, who start to combine together on its own until Sven has a relapse, leaving the Blue Lion, and Sven, at the mercy of the RoBeast.

What they got right: The attempts to figure out how Voltron works (even explaining how they were repaired so easily in the original) is admirable. It shows the future Voltron Force are trying to figure things out and learn how everything works. There’s also a nice nod to Pidge’s relationship to the Space Mice in the original show and their help to the team.

What they got wrong: The art during the first meeting between Keith and Allura showed a hint of a spark but if Allura was trying to make a pass at Keith before Lance showed up it’s a bit forced in accelerating Keith and Allura’s romance in the show. While I like the redesign of the coffin to more resemble a spaceship while retaining some coffin design, I wish more of it was dedicated to housing the RoBeast.

Recommendation: This is still a very enjoyable series and a good reboot. Check this run out!


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  1. Sean says:

    The comic is dated August 2003. This was a decent issue to read and awesome artwork just like the earlier issues of this. I look forward to reading your review of issue 5 (the last in this Voltron 2003 series) because I am missing issue 5. The good thing is that issue 1 in the 2004 Voltron series does give an overview of what had happened in issue 5, however, it couldn’t give every detail. I’ll have to compare Voltron 2004 Issue 1’s overview of 2003 Voltron issue 5 with what you write about issue 5.


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