Most people go to the beach to relax, They get a tan, go swimming, ogle their preferred gender in skimpy swimsuits, maybe get some snacks at the snack bar, the normal stuff. The life of a superhero is never normal, especially when that hero is training to improve their skills. In our case the DCAU version of Dick Grayson, during his transition from Boy Wonder to Nightwing, is learning that sometimes the best way to see a fight is with a blindfold. It’ll make more sense once you see it.

“Dog Days” round 9

The Battlefield: The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #5 (DC Comics, May, 1998) “You Can’t Go Home Again”

The Promoters: Hilary Bader (writer), Bom Hampton (penciler), Terry Beatty (inker), Rick Taylor (colorist), and Tim Harkins (letterer)

Dick is continuing to train with his latest master. This is his final lesson. His focus has been on his stealth skills, something Robin didn’t do much of because that’s kind of hard in a red-and-yellow costume. His current teacher is worried that he isn’t prepared for when stealth fails. And it comes to this.

“Is it time to play Pin The Tail On The Donkey? What do you mean I’m the donkey?”

The trick here is to use his other senses and the various skills he’s learned on his travels to get past these guys.

Then a little kid with a squirt gun gets him.

His instructor is worried that Dick’s search for knowledge is unbalancing his life, but has nothing more to teach. Where does Dick head now? Find out in tomorrow’s comic review.

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