“Why is there a little me sitting on my head?”

Phantom 2040 #3

Marvel Comics (July, 1995)

“Frozen Hatreds”

WRITER: Peter Quinones

ARTISTS: Steve Ditko & Bill Reinhold

COLORIST: Mike Worley

COVER ART: Dan Panosian

LETTERER: Pat Brosseau

EDITOR: Mariano Nicieza

A criminal group called the Cabal that the previous Phantom was investigating has returned, kidnapping a cryogenically frozen former member with the help of the man’s former assistant’s son. They were also responsible for the kidnapping and apparent death of a cryogenic specialist (who was a friend of the previous Phantom), and when the Cabal’s man can’t open the traitor’s tube they go after the son of the scientist. However, the current Phantom captures the assistant’s son, who tries to plea bargain with information he didn’t even tell the Cabal, that the scientist is still alive and also frozen. The Phantom manages to bag all the criminals and reunite the scientist and his son.

What they got right: We finally get a story that works as a tie-in to show (outside of a minor detail). The story is good and seeing Kit getting to finish one of his father’s unsolved cases (the events started just before the Maximum Inc incident) was nice to see. We even get a believable limit to the suit’s cloaking device where it will flicker if he moves too fast.

What they got wrong: Professor Archer is one of the Phantom’s allies in the show. He didn’t need to be introduced here, in a way that differs from the show. None of the other tie-ins went through that trouble.

Other Notes: I don’t know what information the writer had on the show so it could be unintentional foreshadowing that the previous Phantom was friends with a cryogenics expert. Why is a spoiler and I want you to watch the show, but it’s a neat bonus to this story.

Recommendation: Finally, an issue of this comic I can recommend. It’s a good story tying in to the series. Give it a look, but check out the show first.


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