“Darn it! Someone get me a rag before this stains!”

Transformers: Megatron Origin #1

IDW Publishing (May, 2007)

WRITER: Eric Holmes

ARTIST: Alec Milne

COLORIST: Josh Perez (assisted by Zac Atkinson)

EDITOR: Chris Ryall

no letterer credited

It’s the origin of Megatron in the IDW Transformers continuity. Originally this Megatron was a miner mining for Energon, but the government decided to use drone workers (robot workers would be redundant in this context) instead of living Cybertronians. One miner got violent in his protest and it started a fight between miners and soldiers, with Megatron killing one of the soldiers in his anger, which he immediately regretted even before he was arrested. However, some of the other miners decided to follow his lead and a riot broke out on the prison ship. (I see a pattern here of Megatron being involved in riots he didn’t start.) They damage the senator’s shuttle to draw attention while they escape. This all gets the attention of Prowl and the current Prime, Sentinal Prime.

I’m not a fan of the coloring because it’s way too dark most of the time and you can’t see the art as well. There are also some odd “camera angle” choices by the art but otherwise it’s not bad. What gets me, and longtime readers may vaguely recall my Chapter By Chapter review of the book Transformers: Exodus, where they borrowed this for their supposed origin of the Prime Universe (specifically War For Cybertron, the first game set in that continuity that the book allegedly sets up), I don’t like this take on the Autobots. I don’t care how “closer to real life” the writer thinks this may be. This isn’t real life! It’s a fictional alien race and you can have them act however you want. It’s a planet of machine-based life that has it’s own culture and way of living, especially if transforming is native to them at this point. (I forget if that’s part of the origin or not here. We’ll learn in future issues.) Autobots being jerks like the senator and Sentinal Prime (which should be written Sentinel but that’s besides the point) just feels wrong to me. It’s not the Autobots I grew up with.

However, this origin is canon to the IDW TFU and admittedly the story itself isn’t bad. Maybe I’m just too invested in my own headcanon at this point and you would get more into this origin, but Megatron being a humble miner rising to lead a war against a government that deserves it but does so in ways that they can’t possibly be the heroes…just doesn’t connect with me the way I want it to. And there’s more issues to come.

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  1. Sean says:

    So Megatron used to be a labor rights activist. I never would have thought that. Amazing!


    • Not really. He got caught up in a riot and lost his head module for a moment. We’ll see it wasn’t necessarily labor rights he was concerned with. Contrast that with his Dreamwave origin where he was an underground fight gladiator who decided to take over the world, or the original cartoon where he was created to lead the already existing Decepticons (the only continuity the Decepticon movement wasn’t his idea).


  2. […] point. It’s not a mistake on the writers’ part; the showrunners just didn’t care. The backstory for the Autobot/Decepticon war in that continuity was similar to what Irvine came up with in the […]


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