For the past few weeks we’ve peeked into the history of the Voltron franchise. We looked at the show that became Lion Voltron, and how it was altered for the US. We’ve met the Vehicle Team and watched the two Voltrons team up. We saw the Lion Voltron that became a cultural phenomenon get a second wave, reach the third dimension, and train the next generation, while an article outside this Voltronathon had already looked at the current incarnation although that video appears to be down now. And in side articles we looked at the abandoned Voltron and the replaced Voltron. So how do we end this series? With the reason this marathon of Voltron got started.

The Devil’s Due run on Voltron: Defender Of The Universe is an example of a reboot done right. It does its own thing but stays true to the characters and concepts that created a legion of fans. The stories are great and so is the artwork. As of our most recent review Sven is not himself, but it’s understandable given his character arc. But the comics I’ve reviewed up to this point did get an animated adaptation. “Animated” being a loose use of the word, mind you. Eagle One Media created a “motion comic”, a sort of animatic created from Dan Jolley and Marie Croall with the amazing artwork of Mike Norton, E.J. Su, and others and found voice actors to bring the story to life. Unfortunately as of this post I have not found the last two issue adaptations from the first story line, “Revelations”, but you have my reviews for that (I’ll link them under the video) and the full run of “Paradise Lost” is available and also in the playlist. Sadly this is where the adaptation ended as the stories that came after this, to my knowledge, was never adapted. It’s the only adaptation of this material so we might as well enjoy it, and if this plus my reviews do not get you to hunt down the comic (I recommend the Omnibus since it has all of the comics plus one that was never printed in floppy form) then I don’t know how else I can convince you.

Yes, the stories for issues four and five aren’t there but you still know what happened. I will look at the lost story as soon as I can find the omnibus and we get caught up with the comics, plus there’s one more miniseries from the Devil’s Due run, and then we’ll be all done with Voltron since I’ve already reviewed the Modern and Dynamite runs and haven’t picked up anything since outside of a Voltron Force comic I’m sure I got but can’t find at the moment. However this is all the history we have to follow, and I’ve given you plenty to look up if you’re only reference is the Dreamworks series. The Voltronathon is done but we will never forget the king of robots, champion of my childhood, Voltron–defenders of the universe!

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