A couple of years ago I did a deep dive into the Voltron franchise, including posting episodes of Beast King GoLionVoltron: Defender Of The Universe (both Lion seasons 1 & season 2 and Vehicle teams), the Fleet Of Doom movie, Voltron: The Third Dimension, and Voltron Force. (Unfortunately Legendary Defender‘s short-lived official post is long since removed and as of this writing I haven’t replaced the motion comic of the Devil’s Due run.) Only recently have I been able to fill in one of the gaps, with the official posting of the Voltron that wasn’t, Lightspeed Electroid Albegas, but still two other animes have alluded me. The Voltron that should have been, Future Robot Daltanious, still doesn’t seem to be available. Tonight however we fill one more hole in what became Vehicle Voltron, Armor Fleet Diarugger XV!

BanDai has created a YouTube channel called BanDai Spirits to host anime it’s releasing toys of and Diarugger happens to be one of their shows. This show follows a group of space explorers seeking new worlds for their overpopulated planets, but run into trouble when a highly territorial enemy shows up to block them. Their only hope are the Rugger Teams and their mighty robot Diarugger. Tonight I bring you the first episode, but make sure you turn on the closed captions unless you speak Japanese.

[UPDATE: 1/28/2021: For whatever reason Bandai Spirits opted to reupload them in clumps, so now it’s episodes 1 through 4. I only have the first episode of the Voltron Vehicle Team however because that would be too many videos.]

As of this writing 52 of the 56 episodes are up on the channel as well as other anime BanDai is releasing toys of. However, not all of it is available with English subtitles but Diarugger and some of his other giant robot pals are there for you to enjoy, plus some shows that don’t have giant robots but who wants to watch that? As a bonus, let’s compare this episode with the Voltron episode it became. Unfortunately this doesn’t have the intro but it’s still interesting to spot the differences, like adding a scene to show off the supreme military commander we don’t meet until later in Diarugger.

[UPDATE AGAIN: The series is available on sites like Tubi as of this update in both forms.]

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