I remember a time where heroes joined forces against evil. Nowadays it seems writers want to take the fan theorizing of who would win in a fight and make a story around that. That works for ScrewAttack’s Deathbattle show but I don’t want to see Batman fighting Superman, I want to see them join forces against Lex Luthor without the in-fighting. They used to be the best of friends from the first team-up. Those days appear to be gone. If the heroes are going to team up, they have to fight first. It’s a shame.

Take for example the two official Voltrons, the ones we were able to get into the show. When they first joined forces, they just joined forces. No fighting each other. Instead they went right to attacking the Fleet Of Doom.

I’ve mentioned this TV special a few times during our Voltronathon. How would you like to see it? After the second season of the Lion Force Voltron, World Events Productions decided to have them team up with the Voltron Vehicle Team to take on the combined forces of the Drule Empire and Zarkon. It was a big moment. Star Trek fans haven’t even see a proper joining of forces between the Enterprise D (or E) and Deep Space Nine despite the occasional cameo. So how well did it turn out?

I have to be honest, it’s kind of disappointing. The biggest mistake is how the Vehicle Team feels more like an afterthought in a story combining two episodes of the Lion Force. You have Hagar stealing Allura’s soul, which leads to a revelation about Hagar’s past (which was further fleshed out in The Third Dimension that Zarkon manipulated Hagar after Alfor spurned her affections in favor of Allura’s mother) being one episode, and Voltron protecting the Power Base while fighting Lotor’s Voltron-style RoBeast (also done better in The Third Dimension as a group of dragon ships–four of them being drones, with Lotor piloting the main robot because they weren’t going to spring for a new CG character model) being the other. The Vehicle doesn’t do anything for most of the show, and when they do it’s simply “we have to get through the dangerous asteroid belt” with no real tension involved, and they don’t even use the Explorer, opting for some original ship for reasons I’m not privy to. Then we finally get the Voltron team-up and it’s okay but outside of having both Voltrons together fighting a Voltron ripoff, it doesn’t feel any different from the usual Voltron vs. RoBeast battle. They don’t even use the commercial bumpers with the Vehicle Voltron. It’s all Lion Voltron.

And why are Zarkon and Drule Commander Who’s Name Isn’t Worth Remembering In This Story plotting to overthrow each other. I thought the Drules and Planet Doom were already a connected group?

But it’s not horrible either. The Hagar backstory is interesting and Third Dimension had to have something to build off of. There is potential for some good Hagar character development had there been a third season. At the time Lotor’s Not-Voltron was pretty cool, and we did at least get the two Voltrons teaming up. At the time to the young Voltron audience it was still a good episode, but as an adult I see how it could have been so much better. Have the Vehicle team arrive first and having to hold off the Fleet themselves using their separate and combined vehicles, then have Lotor and the Drule commander launch the RoBeasts. Meanwhile the Lion Force are dealing with Cossack’s stalling action and Hagar’s attack on Allura. That would have given the Vehicle Team more involvement and give them some tension like their counterpart team. Or if we had gotten Albegas, imagine the two teams dealing with their own situation while converging on the Middle Universe where Gladiator Voltron had to fight for their lives while the Explorer fought something more treacherous than one asteroid belt we don’t even see them dealing with and all the Lion stuff still going on. Either way this could have been so awesome, but seeing it now it’s actually quite average and that’s a letdown.

We have one more surprise in store for this Voltronathon. What will it be? Well, it’s tied to the reason I started this thing in the first place, and it’s not Legendary Defender. Come back next week for the conclusion to the Voltronathon!


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  1. Sean says:

    I never saw the Fleet of Doom movie when I was a kid, so it was refreshing to now finally view it as an adult. It was interesting to see both Voltrons finally working together in a cartoon. I wish that more animated episodes depicting this had happened. Hagar’s magical hangout was rather freaky, especially the way those monsters of Keith’s nightmares looked! Another freaky scene was when “beautiful Hagar” turned into ugly Hagar right in front of Zarkon’s eyes. And the reaction on Zarkon’s face….priceless! Lotor’s Voltron like ro-beast was a very innovative idea. Finally, this movie made me remember why I like the mice so much. I feel that they’re a sweet touch to the Voltron crew. It’s like having Orko with MOTU, Snarf with the Thundercats, and that cat in Starblazers. Unlike other folks, I enjoy seeing the sidekicks.

    Did you see Fleet of Doom when you were a kid? If so, what channel was it on and was it at night on a week day or on a weekend? I think I very much would have enjoyed this if I saw it in the 80s because I was a big time Voltron fan. Just missed the chance to see it. Wish I had known when and where it was on because I would have been happy to watch it back then.


    • It was carried by the same channel that had Voltron but it was a special. I forget if it was afternoon or not but it was on the weekend and not turned into episode of the show, so it didn’t air in the usual weekday timeslot.


      • Sean says:

        On Wikipedia, it says that Fleet of Doom aired on Sept. 10, 1986. At that point, Voltron was no longer shown on a regular basis on television. I wish I had been aware of this special movie at the time. You were lucky to have gotten to see it back then. It would have been awesome if a whole cartoon series had been created where both Voltrons team up to fight evil in the universe. There could have been a lot of potential with that.


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