The new tournament starts tonight. It’s called Roundhouse, but the rules didn’t state the fight needed to have a roundhouse anything. Just to be on the safe side, though, this one does. And it features the star of movies and cartoons, Supergirl! And by cartoon I mean the DCAU version as adapted by comics.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the actual comic but tonight Supergirl is in a fight with master assassin Kanto and is saved…by a continuity error. Eh, it’s still a good fight.

“Roundhouse” round 1

The Battlefield: Superman Adventures #21 (DC Comics; July, 1998) “Last Daughter Of Argo”

The Promoters: Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer (writers), Bret Blevins (penciler), Terry Austin (inker), Lee Loughridge (colorist), and Kevin Cunningham (letterer)

In the show Supergirl had a run-in with Granny Goodness and embarrassed her. So she sent Kanto to get revenge on either her or Superman. He ended up with the Girl Of Steel.

Actually, Kara, it does. Or rather it should.

I’ll get more into this in tomorrow’s review, but while the DCAU Kara In-Ze isn’t the biological cousin of Kal-El, she’s still Kryptonian and thus vulnerable to Kryptonite. And this had TWO writers. Apparently neither of them can do any research.

“There isn’t even a movie on this flight!”

But it leads to Supergirl making a sucker of Kanto, so I can’t stay mad for long.

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review coming tomorrow

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