When Doctor Who was cancelled by the BBC it meant no new shows worldwide. Fans lost one of their favorite television series. However, other media were willing to pick up the slack. It continued as magazine comics, Big Finish audio dramas, and most notably for our purposes, a series of novels that connected the seventh and eight Doctors until the new TV series started airing a few years ago. This period is referred to as “The Wilderness Years”.

Greg from the YouTube channel Pop Arena has a number of video series, and they’re all good. I’ve enjoyed his work when The Pop Arena was simply his review show, and he was nice enough to help me with my first video review many moons ago. So I want to drive some love his way and since a book review is responsible for many of you newer subscribers over the past few months (hello!) you might enjoy this series as well. Crossing The Wilderness is a book guide review, like he recently finished up for the Animorphs book series, following the book released by Virgin Books. In the opening installment Greg goes into the creation of the novels, how they came to be, and the sorted history of bringing the “Wilderness Years” books to store shelves. I’m also including the first official review, of the first book in the series, Timewyrm: Genesis.

One publisher he didn’t mention were the short series of adaptations produced by Pinnacle books. I have one of those novels, adapting “Mask Of Mandagora” and I’m sure it will hit Chapter By Chapter someday.

As of this writing Greg is up to the 13th novel, Deceit. You can follow this series via the playlist, but check out his other shows. He does a good job examining media and I’ll promote some of his other shows in the future.


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