The DC Kids YouTube channel (because despite a limited offering for kids or even kid-friendly they will push their kids shows) has posted the first 10 minutes of the direct-to-video movie Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts. This was the first in the Batman Unlimited movies (based on the toyline), which was followed up by a series of shorts on the same YouTube channel. The story follows Batman’s animal-themed villains (although oddly not Catwoman, instead they bring in Wonder Woman foe Cheetah) teaming up to cause chaos. The first ten minutes (which includes the intro so it’s closer to eight or nine minutes) features Batman, Alfred, Nightwing, Cheetah, Flash, and Killer Croc, while Penguin and Green Arrow are also featured in the movie. Let’s see what we’re in for with this movie.

One thing I found interesting is the nearly-futuristic vibe this movie seems to have. The blimps of Batman: The Animated Series are replaced with flying cars. There’s a jumbotron in the city square (which apparently glitches or something as the image of the Exposition News Network reporter stays there saying nothing for far too long so we can hear the police part of the exposition), the security is super high-tech, as is the robot dog…frankly it felt more like Metropolis at night than Gotham City.

The voice acting is solid, but it’s weird for me to hear Will Friedle voicing Nightwing when he usually voices Batman, albeit the Batman of the future, Terry McGinnis of Batman Beyond. And Killer Croc got quite the makeover, and I’m not sure if it works for him or not. The animation is good and I’ve also seen the shorts so this is a movie I wouldn’t mind checking out. I don’t know why they released this since the movie’s been out for awhile but has anyone seen the full movie? Is it any good?


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