This year’s Renaissance Fair didn’t go so well.

Superman #55

DC Comics (May, 1991)

“Time And Time Again” phase 6: “Camelot”


COLORIST: Glenn Whitmore

LETTERER: John Costanza


EDITOR: Mike Carlin


{continued from Action Comics #664} Morgan Le Fay‘s attempt to block Merlin from calling on Sir Justin, the Shining Knight, has brought Superman to Camelot. Morgan uses her magic to turn Superman against Camelot and into battle with Etrigan, Merlin’s demon half-brother. Merlin uncovers this and frees Superman from her spell, giving him magic-proof armor and offering to send him home in return for keeping Morgan and her son, Mordred, out of Camelot. Believing Camelot to be doomed he merges Etrigan with Jason Blood and destroys the castle Camelot on his own, presumably sending Superman back through the time stream because that’s how this story goes. {continued in The Adventures Of Superman #478}

And it keeps going, too. I’m not much a fan of this story because I’m not much of a fan of Etrigan and this take on Camelot in the first place. So already it’s tough for me to review. However, I think this storyline is already losing me. It seems to be a lot about acknowledging the history of the DC Universe at the time, but DC recently threw that all out and it rarely plays into the story. Superman is almost unnecessary in this story. I’m no expert on the Demon because I couldn’t care less about Etrigan and Jason Blood (who is only here because he has to be, shows up in maybe three panels, and contributes jack all to the story), but it seems like they took Etrigan’s backstory and dropped Superman into it for no apparent reason. I’m also curious as to why Merlin just up and destroys Camelot but he’s supposed to be a class-1 jerk in the DCU, at least where it’s tied to Etrigan.

And nobody wants to see Bibbo’s butt crack! The scenes back in Metropolis are still just as distracting and unnecessary as ever.

This particular chapter is skippable outside of wondering how Superman gets out of Camelot from the previous issue. I think they’re running out of ideas. What started as a potentially interesting story is slowly losing me. I hope this is over soon.

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