Because it’s not a time travel storyline without dinosaurs.

Action Comics #664

DC Comics (April, 1991)

“Time And Time Again” phase 5: “Many Long Years Ago…”

WRITER: Roger Stern

ARTIST: Bob McLeod

COLORIST: Glenn Whitmore

LETTERER: Bill Oakley


EDITOR: Mike Carlin

{continued from Adventures Of Superman #477} Now Superman finds himself in dinosaur times. He spends time there hanging out with his new dino-pet until he comes across the time-traveling villain Chronos, having been sent back there as well after a battle with Blue Beetle.  He offers to get Superman and himself back to modern times, but of course he’s trying to trick Superman. Superman blows up his machinery and the explosion sends him slightly further in time to the days of the woolly mammoth, Knowing about a group of aliens who spent some time on Earth, and were leaving around this time, Superman drops in front of their ship launch, which activates the time energy Chronos detected in him and sends him to the days of Camelot. {continues in Superman #55}

What they got right: We finally have an explanation for why explosions keep tossing Superman around time, and it is a fun tale of Superman hanging out with a Dromiceiomimus (that’s the dinosaur Superman meets…he names it Drom).

What they got wrong: Although by now both Dinosaurs and Camelot are a bit cliché in time travel stories. Now a dinosaur IN Camelot would have been cool. And again, nobody cares about hunting Lex Luthor’s heir or seeing Bibbo’s butt crack–especially that last one–when you have SUPERMAN HANGING OUT WITH DINOSAURS!

Other notes: Not being an expert on dinosaur time periods and not having heard of these aliens Superman once met I can’t judge those two aspects of the story. Frankly, all of Superman’s leaps at this point have been acts of convenience. I mean, the Doctor doesn’t see this many explosions. Heck the Mythbusters don’t see this many explosions!

Recommendation: Honestly this multi-title story arc is starting to wear thin with me but if you want a story about Superman chilling with dinosaurs, you might enjoy this on its own.

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