The Smurf armor.

Voltron: A Legend Forged #3

Devil’s Due (August, 2008)

WRITER: Josh Blaylock



SELECTED COVER ART: Tim Seelyey & Jose Aviles


DESIGN: Sean K. Dove

EDITOR: Mike O’Sullivan

Stride attempts to steal one of the Empress army’s fighters but it gets drawn to her base. When Stride realizes where he and when he is, he decides to join Jain’s forces. Meanwhile, the Lions on their own form a protective barrier around themselves. While all of this goes on our heroes meet with the secret council that created Voltron and they decide to use the future Voltron as a guide to complete the Voltron they’re working on. Also, Lance and Azahki grow closer, to Lotor’s disgust. Jain contacts Sarga, who is pushed back by the name Voltron, showing Jain there is power in the name. Now everyone is converging on the future planet Doom to claim or reclaim the Voltron lions.

What they got right: Lance and Azahki make for a cute couple, which is odd given the latter is a Drule. Why she opted to follow the Lion Gods is not explained thanks to an interruption. And it is interesting to see the birth of Voltron.

What they got wrong: But why are the Voltron Force and Voltron himself part of the origin? This is the part of the story that falls apart for me. They need to study the completed Voltron in order to compete Voltron, which is something of a time paradox. One of the scientists and Pidge gets into a short debate about whether or not time can be altered but if Voltron didn’t get blown into the past he wouldn’t exist at all? And while I don’t remember this is how it ends, Sarga going on about needing a host body and the focus on Azahki…I see the tragedy coming and it saddens me.

Recommendation: Most of my complaints are personal taste, and even then I can see why someone might disagree with me on the art. I wouldn’t chase you off of this miniseries but I still can’t recommend it.

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2 responses »

  1. Sean says:

    That smurf armor actually looks very cool! Issue #3 sounds neat because we get to see more of Stride in action. Plus, the romance of Lance, a human, and Azahki, a Drule, sounds rather intriguing. This almost has familiar overtones of Max Sterling and Mireya, the Zentraedi, another intergalactic relationship but then from Macross. I do understand your complaints about the time paradox. Even so, I think I can overlook the time paradox problem due to the other fascinating features of this particular Voltron comic.


  2. Sean says:

    The artwork in issue #3 is better than what was going on in issue #2 with some of the drawn humans. The story is becoming even more intriguing. I see your point about the time paradox, but there’s always going to be some kind of weird discrepancy when doing a time travel story. I thought it was pretty cool how Earth’s Merlin the Magician was involved in Voltron’s creation. That was a neat surprise! Finally, I will say that I can understand Lance’s attraction towards Azahki. Azahki is one Drule I’d drool over!


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