“Great, NOW I have to pee.”

Voltron: A Legend Forged #1

Devil’s Due (July, 2008)

WRITER: Josh Blaylock


COLOR ARTIST: Jean-Francois Beaulieu

SELECTED COVER ART: Tim Seeley & Jose Aviles


DESIGN: Sean K. Dove

EDITOR: Mike O’Sullivan

The story bounces between two points in the story, but I’ll start with the “present”. The Voltron Vehicle Team is escorting a mysterious cargo, which is stolen by Stride and the Tiger Fighters. The original Voltron warns the Voltron force that his “little brother” is under attack through their dreams and they head out to help, ending up not with Voltron VT but the cargo just as Lotor has come to claim it from Stride. Lotor is the only one who knows what the cargo is…a time-travel device, and when Stride shoots it to cover his escape it sends him, Lotor, and Voltron into the past. Lotor and Stride’s ships are damaged but Voltron seems to be rebooting although Pidge actually believes he’s remembering.

Somewhere between that event and the other part of the story the Voltron Force is on the run from fighters. A mysterious council of various races decides to help them before “The Empress” finds them. The Voltron Force finds Lotor and they decide to track down Stride, but a stray blast from the fighters knocks out Keith.

What they got right: Going between the two time periods allows us to get some action to draw us in while still explaining how things work. This maneuver is often risky in storytelling but Blaylock seems to be doing okay thus far. We also get to see more of the Vehicle Voltron in action, even punching Stride’s ship.

What they got wrong: Said ship is rather weak compared to the robotic lion he had in the show, once fighting alongside King Alfor. Here he’s just a random space pirate rather than an honorable warrior, like they looked up a name and used it. This could be Cossack for all we care. I’m not a fan of the art, but that’s personal preference only. I wouldn’t call it bad necessarily.

Recommendation: This issue isn’t necessarily bad but my problem has always been the dumb decision revealed later in the miniseries, which is why I say this isn’t a must-have story.

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  1. Sean says:

    It’s nice to hear that the Vehicle Voltron team can be found in issue #1 of this particular Voltron series. Sorry to hear that Stride has been reduced to a space pirate instead of the honorable warrior that he was in the cartoon. I’m wondering who this “Empress” might be. Guess I’ll have to wait to hear what happens in the other reviews.


  2. […] “Yesterday’s” Comic> Voltron: A Legend Forged #1 […]


  3. […] “Yesterday’s” Comic> Voltron: A Legend Forged #1 […]


  4. Sean says:

    I just finished reading Voltron: A Legend Forged Issue #1. The beginning is a little confusing at first. As the story progresses, I understand what’s going on more clearly. The artwork and coloring is top notch. I definitely agree with you about Stride and his vehicle in this comic edition. I like the cartoon version of Stride and his vehicle much better. Now it’s on to reading issue #2.


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