Kermit The Frog’s new body guard still won’t save him from Miss Piggy.

Voltron: A Legend Forged #2

Devil’s Due Publishing (July, 2008)

WRITER: Josh Blaylock

PENCILER: Mike Bear with Julia Bax

COLORIST: Wes Dzioba

SELECTED COVER ART: Tim Seeley & Jose Aviles


DESIGNER: Sean K. Kove

EDITOR: Mike O’Sullivan

Apparently the time machine was based on the information gathered when Galaxy Garrison stole Voltron back in vol. 2 of Defender Of The Universe. Commander Hawkins promises Coran he and the Vehicle Team will be on call to help Arus. Back in the past, the Voltron Force and Lotor land on a nearby planet and are captured by Korrinoth soldiers. In their cell they meet Azahki, a Drule who still follows the ways of the Lion Gods and learns that this is when Korrinoth was absorbed into the Drule Empire by Empress Jaan, a woman who practices dark arts and is in league with some kind of spirit. She has banned worship of the Lions and so the leader here wants to execute them so she’ll leave the planet alone, but the prisoners are rescued by men in the armors on the selected covers and escape. Allura wants to go back for the lion ships until she hears they’re meeting Altarius, a wizard who right now is calling the other wizards together in hopes their arrival will help them with their secret project…the Voltron project!

What they got right: I’ll give Blaylock credit for coming up with an interesting history for Voltron’s origin and the early days of the Drule Empire and a potential explanation for Voltron’s lion motif.

What they got wrong: But you’ll see soon why I have a problem with the time travel aspect. There’s also some clumsy dialog by Keith: “But this definitely isn’t their homeworld of Korrinoth, aka Planet Doom.” It sounds odd when you read it aloud. The art may be better than mine but it’s not very good. Expressions seem stilted at times, the panel where Hawkins is walking down the stairs has him drawn weird, and only the alien designs look all that interesting.

Recommendation: While I like the idea of telling Voltron’s origin story the time travel aspect, as you’ll see coming up, is why I can’t recommend this comic, as much as I want to.


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3 responses »

  1. Sean says:

    Korrinoth of the past sounds intriguing. My curiosity has been peaked. I also like how this story ties in with Voltron Volume 2 of 2004.


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  3. Sean says:

    I like the story in issue #2. It is intriguing to learn the history. Some of the artwork with the way the humans are drawn looks odd at times. The other beings are illustrated in a very interesting manner though. We really get the sense of being on another world and in another time in this particular comic issue thanks to the otherworldly artwork and storyline. It really is good to see more of Vehicle Voltron and of course Lion Voltron. One of the ads stuck out as neat…the one with the microwave oven that transforms into a robot. Now that’s a cool concept for a transforming robot that not even the Transformers or Go-Bots had!


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