With everything that’s happened lately there are days I feel like I’m running on autopilot, although I think we all have days like that. You’d think that would make fighting difficult, but not if you have a computer to do the auto-targeting for you.

A bunch of bad men have seen Die Hard too many times and try to outdo the bad guys in that movie, pretty sure there’s no Bruce Willis to stop them. Of course, if John McClane had access to Iron Man’s armor that movie would have ended faster than it takes me to insist “IT’S NOT A CHRISTMAS MOVIE AND DOESN’T NEED TO BE FOR YOU TO WATCH IT AT CHRISTMAS SO KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY!” I don’t care if that cost me votes, I needed to vent!

Roundhouse round 8

The Battlefield: Iron Man vol. 3 #1 (Marvel Comics; February, 1998) “Looking Forward”

The Promoters: Kurt Busiek (writer), Sean Chen (penciler), Eric Cannon (inker), Liquid! (coloring), and Comicraft (lettering)

Iron Man drops in on the bad guy because you should never put a skylight in unless you want superheroes to up your glass costs. They shoot at him, forgetting his armor is bulletproof. They, however, are not repulsor proof.

Is this cheating?

I don’t know if you can read the caption in the last panel, but they killed the owner of the place, who happened to be someone Tony respected. So this guy is lucky…

That’s one hard clothesline.

…he didn’t get decapitated just now.

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