The ripped clothes look doesn’t work on superheroes.

Adventures In The DC Universe #19


DC Comics (October, 1998)

Wonder Woman & Catwoman: “The Truth About Cats And Gods!”

WRITER: Steve Vance

PENCILER: John Delaney

INKER: Ron Boyd


LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Kevin Dooley

Catwoman is hired to steal Wonder Woman’s magic lasso by a man looking to force a rival archaeologist into translating a medallion that will unlock the powers of the cat god Kalnos. However, it only works for Wonder Woman and the angry man tries to stiff Catwoman…in more ways than one. No, not that one. He finds another way to get the translation and infuses himself with Kalnos’ power. Catwoman goes to Wonder Woman and the two join forces to free the other archaeologist and breaking the magic on the villain. And then Catwoman steals the amulet because she may respect life…but not so much property rights.

What they got right: The villain’s last name? Bragg, which actually plays into his ego and how he’s defeated, which is a nice touch. The story is good and so is the art. I don’t know if the lasso’s magic only working for Wonder Woman is canon, but it should be.

What they got wrong: You’d think Wonder Woman would have better security for protecting her lasso than a drawer. I know she’s Wonder Woman but even asleep someone like Catwoman could steal it.

Other notes: While the other Adventures titles were often confused what continuity they were in, Adventures In The DC Universe was meant as an easy introduction to the DC Universe, which is why so often we had characters monologing their origins. I thought it did quite well but apparently it didn’t sell well enough to continue. Why? It was the 90s, where everyone seemed more interested in overdone violence, being extreeeeeeemeeeeee!!!!!!11!!!, and being all dark and gritty with as little fun as possible. Sadly I think we’ve only gotten rid of the “extreme” part since fun stories are rare and regulated to a handful of writers in the industry. Or maybe we have different concepts of fun. I’m going to miss this series is my point. Some of my favorite DC stories were in this title and anthologies with revolving superheroes are good ways to introduce potential readers to the larger universe. And I’ll take this series over the original Marvel Adventures mostly because the artwork for this 90s title didn’t look worse than what I draw.

Recommendation: This was a good series, and one you should look into, including this issue. The series went out on a good story, which I’m always happy about, and completed the “Cypher” storyline, but I want to see more. Unfortunately not enough people agreed with me, but at least we have the issues we got.


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