Two small teddy bears

Two small teddy bears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You don’t see a lot of new Christmas specials these days. As much as I love the classics, or at least what I grew up with, new tales with new animation is always nice to see. So I came across this one from 1994, which isn’t the 2000s but it’s still a nice little one for your family. The Bears Who Saved Christmas is about two teddy bears, Christopher and Holly, who magically come to life when their kids and the kids’ parents get caught in a blizzard on the way to grandmas house. Aided by a flashlight, a compass, and a couple of beavers, can the bears find a Christmas tree so that their kids can have some semblance of the holiday?

By the way, over on my YouTube channel I’m putting together a playlist of Christmas specials, including past appearances for Christmas Spotlight in addition to building up the Yule Log. If you find any others you think would make good additions, let me know. If I agree I’ll put it up there.



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