She’s also lucky Captain Yuletide defeated the Krampus a few years ago.

You know if you had a space alien friend taking her spaceship to meet Santa Claus you would have snuck aboard as well at her age.

I put my Christmas tree up at The Clutter Reports. This year the Autobots helped decorate it.

Over on my Patreon I have the cover up for this year’s Captain Yuletide. I think the image is a big large so I’m going to have to resize it. I also hope to get it done in time for Christmas. So many distractions thanks to my dental issues. It’s always something lately, but it’s still better than last year. Speaking of which I hope to get the video done since I already recorded everything last year. I just need to edit it. So if you guys find some good Christmas videos, websites, or whatever else I can showcase, thus giving me more time to work on other stuff, I’d appreciate it. I also need to find a job, but finding media reviewer jobs is hard when you don’t know what keywords to put it or where those jobs are posted. I may be forced back into…retail!!!!! I was hoping not to repeat that, but if I can get off of the front end and the cash register it might be easier for me. We’ll see what God does with me I guess.


About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    Your Christmas tree with the Autobots looks great. All that’s missing is a cat to play around with the tree area. For me, Christmas isn’t Christmas until a cat plays around with the Christmas tree. That’s been my Christmas tradition since 1986! For retail work, it sounds like you’d rather do stock work instead of front end cash register work. The good thing is that there’s lots of retail stores (food and non-food) in the town just to the west of your town. Plus, there’s the places in your town like the Rite Aid. Have you considered working at a video game store like GameStop? You’d probably enjoy that job, and you’d be able to share your expertise with customers very well.


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