Lemon scented.

Voltron: A Legend Forged #4

Devil’s Due Publishing (October, 2008)

WRITER: Josh Blaylock



SELECTED COVER ART: Tim Seeley & Jose Aviles

DESIGN: Sean K. Dove

EDITOR: Mike O’Sullivan

Sarga and Jain come up with a plan to use Allura as Sarga’s host body, but Jain secretly schemes to betray her once she has Voltron. Aided by the Knights Of Altarus, the Voltron Force make their way to the Lions, and Stride appears to betray Jain and rescues Allura. The Voltron Force escapes the future Planet Doom while Lotor and Stride ride with the Knights, leaving just as Jain launches a missile that decimates the planet’ s resources, turning Korrinoth into the Planet Doom we all know. Unbeknownst to our heroes, however, Stride is still working for Jain and this escape is part of her plan. Meanwhile, Azahki is having nightmares of when she was discovered by the Drules while in the present Coran gets some hopeful news.

What they got right: Apparently there’s a reason the robot is called Voltron, at least according to Sarga. This kind of builds out the lore of this continuity, discussing “the gods who created the gods who created your universe”. That’s personal taste but I find it interesting. Jain is also showing herself to be a good villain, and I like seeing Galaxy Garrison working to help Arus, given what happened in the regular series.

What they got wrong: We already know that Sarga will eventually defeat Voltron, although all we know is ancient legend and this isn’t the story to go into the specifics, and thankfully it doesn’t. However, seeing Sarga all worried about Voltron seems a bit weak when you know she will defeat him somehow. Also, the Knights fly thanks to some helicopter type propeller on their backs that are too small to actually carry them. I accept that in kids stories because kids don’t care, but this is intended for an older audience and it just looks silly.

Recommendation: I’m just not into this story. It’s the minor details that throw me off, and we’ll see my big problem next issue, but I still say we could have had an origin of Voltron story without the time travel stuff. If the story still sounds good to you, check it out. It’s just not working for me.

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2 responses »

  1. Sean says:

    I”m still interested in this particular Voltron story. But I do agree with you that it would have been better if this had been as a pure historical story instead of introducing time travel into it. Even so, I’d still like to read the Voltron: A Legend Forged comic books. There’s plenty of details in what you mention that catch my attention, and I think I can deal with the flaws.


  2. Sean says:

    Just finished reading issue #4. I’m still impressed with the story and artwork. I’m really enjoying this particular Voltron comic book series.


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