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Cover of one of the books of the Robert L. May story by Maxton Publishers, Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Every time I get sick it’s at the worst time. From minor issues like the dental problems this year delaying me to last year’s medical crisis ruining most of a year when I planned to make a big push, it’s always delays, delays, delays. This year’s Captain Yuletide is held up and I’m hoping to at least have it done by the end of the month, which will also be the end of the year, but we’ll have to see how that goes. I didn’t plan to alternate between Christmas comic and Christmas video but that seems to be the trend.


Last year I even wrote and recorded the review I planned to do, the Rankin Bass version of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, my favorite Christmas special. But by the time I was able to edit it felt kind of pointless and so I didn’t. Instead I saved it for this year…and even then I didn’t get it edited for Christmas eve! So here it is Christmas day. When I should have the comic. The question I wanted to explore going into this review was why the special was not only so special (no pun intended) to me but why it is the definitive version for many, most of us not having read the original book (which I would really love to do someday). So that’s how I’m looking at this Christmas classic. Enjoy and I hope your Christmas was a happy one, even if you didn’t celebrate the holiday.


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  1. Sean says:

    I really enjoyed this video review, especially because I did watch again this Rudolph Christmas special during this current Christmas season. Rudolph is an excellent show because it has well done claymation, good characters, excellent songs, a good plot, and a few positive messages. I also liked your own positive message about how you and your former bullies made peace in real life. Your videos are always fun to watch because you do end up making some humorous statements or have humorous moments in them whether it’s intentional or not. For some reason, these three made me chuckle:

    “Rudolph got picked on for his red nose. I can’t relate to that. For me, it was an overactive imagination, a weak stomach, and a bad temper.” (Can’t explain it, but you used some type of humor technique here).

    “In Connecticut, school wouldn’t be canceled due to snowstorms because our superintendent was from Alaska.” (and he really was an Alaskan!)

    “I didn’t know Mrs. Claus was Italian.” Then you hear Mrs. Claus saying, “Eat! Eat!” That was some clever editing on your part. Plus, because you are part Italian American, you can get away with making an Italian joke without offending anybody.

    But what was your joke about the nuns and Hawaii? I didn’t quite get that even after playing back that scene a few times.

    On another interesting concluding note, I will be eating Alaska reindeer sausage this winter because my brother in Colorado shipped that reindeer sausage to me as a Christmas gift. Bon apetit! (and I can get away with using some French language because my mother is French Canadian).

    Happy Holidays, everybody!


    • The nuns were a callback to my review of another Rankin Bass stop motion puppet Christmas special, The First Christmas: The Story Of The First Christmas Snow.


      • Sean says:

        Ok. Thank you for the explanation. Also, I figured out the humor technique you used in that first part I quoted: the technique of contrast. By contrasting Rudolph’s red nose with the more serious issues you were dealing with as a kid, you were showing that “hey, maybe Rudolph’s problems weren’t so bad after all”. Please know that I wasn’t laughing at the issues that you were going through. It was the extreme contrast that made me go chuckle.


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