SPOILER: This is not the Medusa Project, but it is a teaser to something important.

Gargoyles #5

Marvel Comics (June, 1995)

“Venus In Stone”

PLOT: Martin Pasko & Mort Todd

DIALOG: Mort Todd

BREAKDOWNS: Amanda Conner

FINISHES: Alberto Saichann

COLORIST: Karl Bollers

LETTERER: John Costanza

EDITOR: Hildy Mesnik

Beth returns to school in Arizona after her run-in with Broadway, who also sees her off. The Gargoyles meet with Elisa and prepare to visit the Gen-U-Tech lab where Xanatos is also preparing to visit to check on the Medusa Project, a device that can turn organic matter to stone. However, Demona wants it for her own plans. Her theft is interrupted by the arrival of the Gargoyles. Xanatos equips the Medusa Device into his Steel Clan armor and attacks the Gargoyles, with Demona in pursuit. Feeling he needs protection Phobos awakens his creation before she’s fully programmed, a gargoyle/human hybrid of Goliath and Elisa he’s named Venus.

What they got right: I like the cute moment when Broadway waves good-bye, even if that really wasn’t a good idea given how freaked out Beth already is (although it does help convince her to go back to Arizona). Storywise there are some good ideas here and I’m curious how it all plays out. I also like Brooklyn and Lexington’s solution to getting to the island.

What they got wrong: The character portrayal is a bit more off. “Jalapena” is Goliath’s term of exclamation which makes sense when you know the origin (his first taste of a jalapeno pepper), but here Brooklyn uses it. The dialog doesn’t always sound like them (although they Hudson’s Scottish accent correct.) Broadway just wants to eat and Hudson is on a boat ready to fight Xanatos but just wants to stay on the boat and watch Seinfeld with Bronx. Those are the base version of their character but not really used properly. It feels like they have knowledge of the show itself but not the feel of it.

Recommendation: A good story alone but as an adaptation it doesn’t feel right to me. Based on that you can decide if you want to check it out or not. My hangups may not be yours.

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