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Sorry to preempt Saturday Night Showcase but now that I’ve been able to post a bit after being removed from the YouTube Partner Program I have an idea as to what I can and can’t do. Sadly this means not only losing monetization but losing a rather important tool. In this v-log I go over what the future is for the video articles here at BW Media Spotlight.

And I checked. The problem includes in-video cards, so I have no way to link to my website except via the YouTube description. I am not happy about this. Apparently YouTube doesn’t want me to profit in any form, including promotion. And due to security concerns there are only three video hosts I can use and still embed on WordPress (the hosting site doesn’t allow plugins so don’t bother telling me about them). So videos are strictly a sideproject, with all effort on articles and comics until some of these problems are resolved. Videos will still be made but are not going to be a primary focus.

Hopefully I still get to put some of those ideas into practice but without promoting the site and possibly defending fair use in reviews available to me I’m a bit more reluctant to make it important as the articles and comics, which give me more satisfaction and aren’t going to be as much of a hassle. There are still going to be videos but my main effort will be simply here and videos will benefit what’s here until YouTube stops restricting me from actually using the service to the full potential, money or not. I hope you still enjoy what comes and thanks for finding this site and seeing what else I’m working on.


About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I haven’t watched this video yet, but I did watch your Day 14 video yesterday, but when I click on your youtube page, it says that your Day 14 video has no views yet. It should say at least 1 view because I viewed the whole video yesterday. Is Youtube also no longer counting your video views anymore?


  2. Sean says:

    I watched your whole video last night. It made me think a bit. You can do what you want with the following advice (take it or leave it), but here’s some thoughts that came to my mind since watching the video. I think that you need to more with creating your own stories and now do less with articles and videos that analyze other peoples’ stories. In other words, maybe now just do one posted article per day instead of the usual three to four per day. That way, you can focus more on creating your own novels, comic books, movie scripts, comic strips, art posters, or whatever creative products you want to work on. Tronix, you have an amazing imagination, so it’s time to do some more creating again like you used to do. You can make money off or your original creations. It’s tougher to make money off of analyzing other’s creations. Plus, I think you will feel very satisfied with making more of your own original creations. Yes, I will miss the many awesome features of bwspotlight such as the Voltronathon and probing articles that tackle various media, but I think doing more of your own original creations and less of analyzing others’ works will be better for you both financially and in terms of your happiness/satisfaction.


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