“Hey, I wanted to beat up Iron Man. No fair!”

Iron Man vol. 3 #7

Marvel Comics (August, 1998″

“Live Kree Or Die!” part 1: “Bad Moon Rising”

WRITER: Kurt Busiek

PLOT ASSIST: Richard Howell


INKERS: Eric Cannon & Sean Parsons

COLORIST: Steve Oliff

LETTERING: Comicraft

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

A faction of the Kree retaking their old base on Earth’s moon had reformed the Kree Supreme Intelligence, calling themselves the Lunatic Legion. They have working on their revenge, which happens to include a company Tony was hoping to find information regarding whomever’s been trying to kill him lately. That meeting is first interrupted by Warbird (the name Carol Danvers was using at the time), whom Tony tried to reach out to since he’s worried her recent travesties have driven her to drinking, and then by the Kree group, believing they’ve been discovered and having plans for Warbird…plus wanting revenge on Iron Man and the others who destroyed the last Supreme Intelligence after it tried to wipe out the Kree race (the Lunatics don’t believe that). Carol chases after the Kree, leaving Iron Man to deal with a giant Sentry robot (no connection to the hero introduced later) and to save the people in the building. Tony’s friend agrees to let him go through her records, having seen her business destroyed and Tony worried she’s not the only one letting a bad decision lead to her doom. [continued in Captain America v3 #8]

What they got right: Somehow Busiek manages to escape the usual traps that happen when their story arc is interrupted by a crossover event, as the two sync up pretty well. It just happens that the Kree and the Arms Merchant’s employers are both after a huge power source and this is the company to go with. Right now we only know the Kree are the ones who did, which explains Victoria’s reluctance, but it could still lead to the Arms Merchant in the future.

What they got wrong: I don’t know enough about the last encounter with the Supreme Intelligence to know if this is unnecessary rehashing on the part of whomever came up with this crossover or not. I’m also of two minds when it comes to Carol becoming an alcoholic at this point. One is that it’s further traumatizing the character when she’s gone through so much even by this point, but then again if anyone would be driven to drink at this point, it’s understandably Warbird. For a real problem, “Lunatic Legion”. They say they took that name because they took over their old lunar base but it’s a bit too on the nose to be taken seriously.

Recommendation: I think I have all the issues of this crossover, but this is a good start. It’s also a good story on its own and a good continuation of events Iron Man is dealing with at this time. It’s worth picking up.

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  1. […] joke but I don’t cover news media, just storytelling.) However, the main story continues from Iron Man Vol. 3 #7. Cap is contacted by Warbird, who is fighting the escaped Kree. He races to her rescue and learns […]


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