“AHHH! Morning breath!”

Quicksilver #10

Marvel Comics (August, 1998)

“Live Kree Or Die” part 3: “Blue Moon”

WRITERS: John Ostrander & Joe Edkin

PENCILER: Derec Aucoin

INKER: Rich Faber


LETTERING: Comicraft

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

continued from Captain America v3 #8: Captain America gets word to the Avengers about the situation and how both he and Iron Man are still busy with rescue efforts. That leaves Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye to rescue Warbird and stop the Lunatic Legion. Quicksilver calls Lockjaw to take them to the Lunatics’ moon base in the “blue area”, teleporting right in front of the Supreme Intelligence, who tells them that the Lunatics are planning to turn Earthlings into Kree-like beings while those with superpowers like superheroes, mutants, and Inhumans will die. Petro also wants to reclaim the stolen Terrigen Mist (and it is explained how they got the stuff) and save Warbird, but she finds a way to get drunk. She manages to destroy the power supply and everyone escapes with the mists, but there is enough left in the machine to pull off their plan and the leader has a plan to power it anyway. Meanwhile, in the comic’s current plotline the weakened High Evolutionary and the Knights Of Wundagore prepare to reclaim their stolen home. “Live Kree Or Die” concludes in Avengers v3 #7 while The Siege Of Wundagore begins in Heroes For Hire #15. Why did I stop buying Heroes For Hire? I just realized I stopped reading that.

What they got right: Explaining how the Lunatics got their hands on the Terrigen will do for starters, and it ties in to events in earlier issues of this series. The trio work well together and the story was pretty good. I liked the trick Quicksilver did with the blasters and the mystery of what the Supreme Intelligence is up to.

What they got wrong: The continued damaging of Carol Danvers. Between fritzing powers and alcoholism they’re really ruining her. And since this is my first exposure, why can Wanda summon the energy “ghost” of Wonder Man? I guess that’s probably explained by now but it’s kind of odd and I wouldn’t think it’d match her power, but like I said that might be explained elsewhere.

Recommendation: An interesting storyline, concluding next week. It’s worth looking into so far.


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