Goliath and ketchup bottles don’t go together well.

Gargoyles #5

SLG Publishing (July, 2007)

“Clan-Building” part 5: “Bash”


ARTIST: Karine Chalebois

By the way, the artist was incorrectly credited last issue. The correction is in the credits for this issue and I’ll fix it in the review when I’m done here. This is already late.


COLORIST: Stephanie Lostimolo

Elisa’s date, realizing he hasn’t a real shot, leaves the party. Xanatos is given his first assignment from the Illuminati. Back at the castle Thailog attacks each of the Gargoyles as they try to help the wounded Goliath while convincing the clonegoyles they don’t have to follow him. Delilah, having overheard Goliath still trying to convince Elisa to remain with him earlier, decides to blow off both sides and return to the labyrinth. Lexington’s clone, Brentwood (the clonegoyles took their names from Californian cities just as most of the Gargoyles did with areas of New York), is the only one to leave with Thailog while the others join with Delilah in returning to the labyrinth. Back at Thailog’s nest he turns his gauntlets over to Sevarius, with the DNA he collected from the Gargoyles and Elisa during the fight before being approached by another member of the Illuminati.

What they got right: We get an idea how the numbering system works among the Illuminati. Elisa and Goliath are back together. Weisman’s only other contribution to The Goliath Chronicles is when Hudson’s blind friend Robbins admits he knows Hudson is a gargoyle and they’re still friends, so that’s still here even if the story that goes with it (where the two manage to stave off the Quarrymen after Hudson loses his sight temporarily thanks to cataract surgery) doesn’t come with it. And Goliath notes that allowing others to have free will includes accepting that they may make the wrong choice, like Brentwood did.

What they got wrong: Yes, I know how the Illuminati works in fiction but is there any faction they AREN’T connected to? Is there an end goal here? And are they hinting a Delilah/Malibu romance right in front of Brooklyn (Malibu is his clone)? Like having Goliath ask her out first wasn’t hurtful enough. Stop torturing the poor guy!

Recommendation: A good finish to the party storyline–I think. The doctor still has to keep Goliath alive until sunrise where his stone state will heal his wounds, which could be a story there. I haven’t read this in years so I don’t remember.  While I’m personally not connecting to it the story thanks to personal preference it still feels more like the show than the Marvel run and is recommended to check out if you were following the cartoon. I also recommend the cartoon.

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