Actually these are their stunt doubles.

Gargoyles #7

SLG Publishing (December, 2007)


ARTIST/LETTERER: David Hedgecock (They actually credited a letterer? About time!)


COLORIST: Robby Bevard

Shari tells Thailog the history of the “Stone Of Destiny”, a stone that is finally being returned to Scotland and Macbeth has sought the help of the Gargoyles to protect. Goliath is still recovering from his recent injuries and Brooklyn offers to stay. It’s partly to get away from Broadway and Angela but Angela suggests they stay and help, which Brooklyn isn’t happy about. So it’s just Hudson and Lexington who go with Macbeth. Xanatos has acquired the services of Coldsteel and Coyote (a robot version of Xanatos…long story) to acquire the Coyote Diamond for him, promising to disable Coldsteel’s tracking device as a reward. Elsa and Goliath confirm their relationship while Maggie is discovered to be pregnant. Back in England, Macbeth, Hudson, and Lexington are guarding the Stone of Destiny when they are met by King Arthur and two members of the London Clan, Arthur holding a blade to Macbeth’s throat!

What they got right: For those new to the series, Shari also goes into Coldsteel and Coldstone’s history. There’s a neat bit where Hudson and Lex are in stone longer due to jet lag. Goliath and Elisa share a kiss. The plot is actually a good one.

What they got wrong: But all the time-skipping is distracting and makes it hard to follow everything. That makes it hard for me to care about what’s going on and I don’t see how it benefits the story unless the rest of it somehow involves time travel. And poor Brooklyn has to continue to be tortured by Angela and Broadway being all cutesy with each other. Does she just like tormenting the guy?

Other Notes: At the time I was ordering these comics in advance, which means I must have given up on this series two issues before unless I stuck my comic store owner at the time with the other comics. Critically speaking they’re okay (despite this issue’s jumping all over the place) but personally I just wasn’t getting into it. There were a few reasons. As I noted in a recent commentary I actually liked some of the ideas in The Goliath Chronicles even if the tone changes and other specific approach was off. I hated seeing them tossed aside. I’m also willing to believe that Weisman torturing Brooklyn by having the one Gargoyle who most wanted a mate and offspring stuck watching all the romances around him while he remained mateless hit too close to home with me, and it’s kind of worse now as I’m 44 while writing this and still dealing with this. Yes, I hear in a trade-exclusive story he does finally get a mate and kids but by then I was tired of it. There are five more stories if you want to track them down, but my opinion hasn’t changed. I’m not a die-hard fan, but considering I am for Transformers and yet bypassed the last two Transformers movies and the late IDW comics you shouldn’t be surprised that I have my preferences.

Recommendation: If someone just getting into Gargoyles asked me if they should get these comics after watching the first two TV seasons I’d say yes, and maybe even check them out after the third season if they didn’t care for it. My problems (again, outside of the time-skipping this issue) are personal rather than critical and it’s the direction the creator preferred so it’s worth looking into. Plus they are good stories. But watch the cartoon first.

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