Alan Napier as Alfred in the Batman TV series.

Alan Napier as Alfred in the Batman TV series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or at least we’re seeing Bruce become Batman, so it’s time they try to get even less Batman by going even further back in a new series for Epix that will explore the past of Alfred Pennyworth and his relationship (no, not that kind…as far as I know) with Thomas Wayne. I grant you that Alfred post-Crisis became a former British agent and has slowly evolved into a badass (compared to his early years as just the Wayne family butler because apparently that wasn’t enough…granted I do like what they did with Alfred), but this is DC’s non-comics/video game/cartoon problem…they keep giving superhero properties to people who don’t care about superheroes. This is a storyline, not a series.

I’m not saying it won’t be good or interesting, but at some point you have to ask “does this have to be an Alfred Pennyworth TV series?” and maybe let the idea be about an original characters, so we do get something like Smallville where they seem to veer away from it’s prequel status into something completely different, or Gotham where all of Batman’s villains seem to be pre-dating Batman even when some had Batman in their origin story.


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