When the Iron Giant learned he had to settle for a lame cameo instead of a sequel he took it poorly.

The Incredibles #2

Dark Horse (December, 2004)



PENCILER: Ricardo Curtis

INKER: Ramon Perez

COLORIST: Dan Jackson

COVER ART: Ricardo Curtis

COVER COLORIST: Kate Moo King-Curtis

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulous

DESIGNER: David Nextelle


EDITOR: Dave Land

Mr. Incredible agrees to help stop a runaway robot that learns from the fights it has, but doesn’t tell Helen he lost his job or about the new assignment. He just pretends he got promoted by his office. Mr. Incredible manages to stop the robot for his mysterious employer but his old costume is damaged. He goes to Edna Mode, who used to create outfits for the superheroes but now is just a bored normal fashion designer. She creates a brand new costume and later is driven to make costumes for the whole family, even the baby. Helen finds out Edna repaired Bob’s old hero costume and goes to see her, learning that he’s still doing superhero stuff, but back on the island he is attacked by the improved version of the robot and finally meets the creator…Buddy! He has taken on the name Syndrome, becoming rich by selling weapons. After being turned down as Mr. Incredible’s sidekick years ago he created the robot to hunt down supers, killing many of them. And now he plans to set it lose in the city!

What they got right: The fight scene with Mr. Incredible and Syndrome as well as part of the scene with the robot are well done. The art still emulates the 3D as best it can.

What they got wrong: I think they sped up too much of the fight with the robot. Syndrome’s reveal should have been saved for issue #3, even if they ended up needing another issue. There’s no way to really capture Edna’s personality in this short space, although it does mean we don’t get the full anti-cape rant, and you know how I felt about that.

Recommendation: You really should see the movie, with the comic serving as a companion to the Boom ongoing.


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