Area 51 was a bad idea for a school field trip.

The Incredibles movie adaptation #3

Dark Horse (January, 2005)



PENCILER: Ricardo Curtis

INKER: Ramon Perez

COLORIST: Dan Jackson

LETTERER: David Nestelle


EDITOR: Dave Land

Learning that her husband has returned to superheroing, Helen (as Elastigirl) gets a plane to go after him, but Violet and Dash sneak aboard. Syndrome has the plane shot down, but they manage to use their superpowers to survive and make it to the island. Mr. Incredible manages to fight his electromagnetic bond to grab Mirage to force Syndrome to let him go but he calls the hero’s bluff, and even though he’s right Mirage still isn’t happy about it. As Elastigirl heads off to find Mr. Incredible Dash and Violet are found by Syndrome’s goons just as the former hero fanboy sends his Omnidroid to the city.

What they got right: The kids finally get to use their powers and we get some superheroing in this superhero story. There are some good moments.

What they got wrong: There were two other times when there was a perfectly good cliffhanger but the one they end on is a bit weak for this issue in comparison. Also, Syndrome’s base is an island called Nomanisa. Really? Is that a play on Mr. Incredible’s character arc, or at least his old insistence on working alone as a superhero? Okay, that might actually work if it is.

Recommendation: You should see the movie but this miniseries is also putting with the Boom Studios run of original stories.

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