I’ll be honest. If I didn’t miss a week already I probably would have skipped this one.

This one won’t be on the list of favorites of the year. Hopefully we’ll get a good comic next week. I put my focus this week on the review of the Quick Change Animal Robots over at The Clutter Reports. They’re a combiner team so I had to fit them all in.

Chapter By Chapter will be a day late this week since I’ll be posting a Memorial Day tribute (I just have to find one), so look for that on Tuesday. But now that I’m caught up with Phantom comics (there are some prose stories yet to be reviewed so the Ghost Who Walks isn’t going away for good) I need a new Friday comic review series. And I’ve decided on…Robotech! While I just couldn’t get into the current Titan run with all of the changes comics that came before were set in the original cartoon universe mashed together by Carl Macek and many of those I could get into. I’ll be doing this in mostly chronological order (I think a few one-shots are out-of-order), which means while the first comic came from Comico (who adapted the cartoon) we’ll be starting with their solo original tale of what happened when the space fortress first crashed on Earth. From there we’ll go into Academy Comics’ series of what took place between then and the first episode (I don’t have any of the Eternity run outside of a couple of Sentinels comics) before finally hitting Comico and the adapted episodes. I also have a number of the Antarctic Press run and I think WildStorm. The next long series to end should be Transformers since DC and Marvel still have a long path ahead. We’ll also have part four of BW’s Best Friday Night Fights.

And that’s what I know is happening this week. I’ll only have two free days this week and I hope I can do something good. Stick around for more.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I look forward to your weekly postings about classic Robotech comics. As you do that, I will be able to reread my Comico Macross and New Generation comics that I’ve been steadily regaining as I try to rebuild my Comico Robotech collection that I used to have (just got an e-mail today from my comic store source that he’s found four more Comico Macross issues that were on my list) and then I can provide informed written comments on your review of said comics. While I”m steadily rebuilding my collection of Comico’s Macross and New Generation, I won’t be doing the same for Masters. I did get the Masters comics when they came out but for some reason I just never liked Masters as much as I enjoyed Macross and New Generation (talking about the cartoon and the comic book). I still have some Antarctic Press copies of Robotech from back in 1998/1999, so I’ll see if any of the issues you review are ones I have. I never did see any of the Wildstorm Robotech comics, so your reviews will be very enlightening on that front. Last summer, I did pick up 2 copies of Robotech Sentinels II by Eternity, and it does seem like a decent series. In the past, I had a few issues of Sentinels I when it first came out, but those are long gone. Just like last year when you had a Voltronathon on this site, it looks like it’s now time for the Robotechathon! Yahoo! Let’s get addicted to protoculture!


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