Last month I did my Finally Watched review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While it was fun to watch at the time, my critic side kept noticing some flaws. You know how something seems okay but the more you think about it the less sense it makes? That’s kind of me and The Last Jedi. I still don’t hate the movie but it did make some big fails in storytelling and Star Wars.

To that end I’d like to show you this episode of Cinema Sins as they look into everything the movie did wrong. And there’s a rather long list, but there were a few moments they actually took sins off for. It doesn’t help. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AND MINOR CURSING AHEAD!

Just for a point/counterpoint I looked up another YouTube channel, CinemaWins, which exists as a counter to CinemaSins. It’s not run by the same team but does use the same format. While they have every other Star Wars movie to date (they all have to wait for the currently in-theater Han Solo prequel to come out on home video so they can have footage) there is nothing there for The Last Jedi. Either they haven’t gotten to it or there isn’t as much to tell. It’s visually nice but narratively flawed and Johnson seemed to be too busy turning over every expectation to care what the plan was for the trilogy. I’m still glad I saw it and it was fun to watch at the time, but I’d rather watch the prequels again before this one.

Of course I don’t hate the prequels although Attack Of The Clones is easily the weakest of the prequel trilogy. It’s also flawed but there are enough positives to overlook them. Except for Anakin and Padme’s relationship. That was handled badly.

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  1. Sean says:

    When I watched this video, it did leave me saying, “yes there were some weird things in this movie”. I didn’t really think about these things at the time I was watching the film. But I think all movies have such odd things about them. I especially liked the comment about Dark Crystal!


  2. […] movie. The question isn’t one of quality; all three in their own way were good movies until you really thought about some of Johnson’s decisions. Calling these problems out isn’t result of toxic […]


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