“My hat was in that helicopter.”

I’m going to have to hold my review of the first episode of the Big Hero 6 series until next week. I want to talk about this.

I know I had surprisingly little to say about the Transformers Bumblebee movie trailer and yet enough to say here, but that’s building off of a current series. I’m basically going over the differences with the new director and setting. Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse is something different. It’s the first animated Spider-Man movie that I can recall, although he’s had numerous TV series and appearances, and it’s going to the big screen while utilizing not just Peter but Miles Morales. It’s something of a bigger deal.

Yesterday the trailer came out for this movie and I’m curious to see more than a bit of flashy animation of Miles running around. So let’s see what they have to offer. We already know that Miles is going to be the focus, our entry into this new incarnation. How is that going to work?

Did I just get a bad version or something? The frame rate looks like the preview window for the on-screen guide my cable company uses, which always makes the CG look like stop-motion and I swear some parts look like they were taken from the 3D version.

Anyway, it looks like they’re going to for a Batman Beyond vibe as Peter trains a new Spider. This is also apparently a different continuity from others we’ve seen, because “Spider-Gwen” is here as part of Peter’s Spider-Family. Will every Spider show up? Will we finally get a Spider-Ham that acts like Spider-Ham? I’m not holding my breath on that one.

[Unrelated: If Phineas and Ferb can hang out with Marvel heroes, can we get a Spider-Ham/Gizmoduck team-up since Darkwing is a TV show in the new Ducktales? Also, why is Darkwing fictional in the new Ducktales? It’s Scooby-Doo: Mask Of The Blue Falcon all over again!]

I like the voice actor they’re using for Miles He seems good in the role and I feel sorry for him with how his dad is. But he’s rather cartoonishly bad, and I’m not saying that because he’s a cartoon. He’s how kids think like embarrassing dads act and he doesn’t come off very genuine. And I’m sorry, but while I like Peter’s voice actor in other works I’ve heard him in I just can’t picture him as Peter Parker, even a somewhat older one. It probably doesn’t help that his character model looks too much like Adam Sandler (which isn’t a swipe against Sandler but he doesn’t look like Peter Parker), but the dialog doesn’t work as well coming from that voice, and neither does Peter trying to get Miles to pick up the check. Come on, guys, Peter isn’t THAT big a loser, is he? “Spider-Gwen” doesn’t get much to say but she introduces herself as Gwen Stacy? I don’t even like Gwen because people keep insisting I should regardless of what I think but I’m willing to give her a shot. I wonder if we’ll also get Spider-Women, Spider-Girls, and Silk as well?

For it does have some promise and some of my concerns come from the trailer seeming to have a bad frame rate compared to the teaser (look at the shared moments of Miles running around New York). They kind of ruined part of the movie when they talk about Miles not doing it like Peter but doing it as Miles would and Miles running into his dad’s arms but that’s because marketing doesn’t care about benefiting the story, just getting people into the seats even if they end up coming out disappointed that the good parts were ruined for them, thus lessening their view of the movie as a whole and them telling their friends not to bother. Marketing is kind of stupid that way. Still I kind of want to see this incarnation. Hopefully it’s worth seeing.

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