“What do you mean both Godzilla and the Transformers are out of continuity? What was the point of these again?”

Mega Morphs #1

based on the Toy Biz toyline

Marvel Comics (October, 2005)

“Mechanized & Manipulated”

WRITER: Sean McKeever


INKER: Pat Davidson


COVER CO-ARTIST: Ramil Sunga (possibly colorist given Kang and Davidson’s role in the comic proper)

LETTERER: Dave Sharpe

PRODUCTION: Deborah Weinstein

EDITOR: John Barber

Taking place after the events of the minicomics (reviewed in a previous Free Comic Inside article). Doctor Octopus is in prison, but is busted out by a mind-controlled Hulk, who also smashes the other Mega Morphs except for Spider-Man’s, who was helping Tony test its new armor. Spidey has to deal with Ock and Hulk alone while Tony repairs the Mega Morphs and tries to find the responsible party, Ghost Rider eventually showing up to help. The party behind this reveals himself rather quickly when an army of giant Doombots arrives.

What they got right: The minicomics are canon to the series (although I’m not sure a full agreement was made if the comics are canon to the mainstream Marvel universe), and I do like the idea of heroes with giant robots as a side universe. Captain America brings Wolverine his Mega Morph right in front of the other X-Men, which he finds embarrassing. I’m counting this as Wolverine abuse, which always makes me happy.

What they got wrong: This is around the time when Spider-Man’s one-liners just got ridiculous, as if writers couldn’t figure out how to do it right and he ended up coming off as an annoying idiot to his friends rather than using it to distract his enemies. I still don’t know how these things could be powered by their superpowers given the wide range of powers involved, but I’m willing to overlook that if this is a separate continuity working on kid logic.

Recommendation: If the concept works for you the miniseries is a better done telling than the minicomics and worth checking out.


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