Is it just me or is that one Doombot actually scared of Captain America?

Mega Morphs #4


Marvel Comics (December, 2005)

“The Pawns And The Power”

WRITER: Sean McKeever


INKER: Pat Davidson



LETTERER: Dave Sharpe

PRODUCTION: Deborah Weinstein

EDITOR: John Barber

Doctor Octopus uses his Mega Morph to chase Doom through his castle, only to find an average-sized Doombot there the whole time. Meanwhile, the heroes deal with giant kamikaze Doombots programmed to explode near the Mega Morphs. Tony is eventually able to hack into them and send them back to their source, where the explode near Ock’s Mega Morphs. Doom continues to claim no knowledge and hide behind diplomatic red tape, taking both Ock and his Mega Morph into his custody. But Doom’s building his own Mega Morph, powered by a certain stone he stole from a place in the Irish seas while this was going on…he’s found the Power Gem!

What they got right: I like how Tony uses his smarts to defeat the Doombots. And a Mega Morph operated by Doom and powered by one of the Infinity Gems (because Doom always has to be the special snowflake with the best toys) might be a decent threat, had the toy line and comic continued.

What they got wrong: You’re telling me they put the Power Gem (the Infinity Gems are the previous incarnation of the Infinity Stones for you MCU exclusives) was put in an unguarded facility that anyone with a half-decent diving suit (by superhero/villain standards) can get into without any problem? Did they really recall every SHIELD agent they had everywhere for something that the superheroes and their giant mechs were handling?

Recommendation: To be honest the ending is kind of flat. I’m kind of with Ghost Rider at how unsatisfactorily this story ends, and I shouldn’t do that with giant robots powered by superheroes. It might be worth checking out for a curiosity but not much else.


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