“I’m too shy to ask her out.”

Robotech: Return To Macross #18

Academy Comics, Ltd. (February, 1995)


WRITER: Bill Spangler

ARTIST: Wes Abbott

LETTERER: Alphabet Soup

Suspecting Leeds, the mechanic, was the one who alerted the missile launchers about Roy’s plan to “buzz” the trial, Roy and Gloval confront him. Leeds makes a break for it and is shot by security. While he doesn’t die he is unconscious in the hospital and won’t be giving information. Then Roy is called by Nina Lang, Dr. Lang’s sister. She’s a rock star (this is Macross/Robotech) and played to calm the audience during Shane’s rampage and now she’s willing to help Davies spread the Faithful’s message. However, She returns home to find her place ransacked and the words “stay away from Davies” typed on her computer. Roy thinks this may be due not to the Faithful’s enemies but a brewing “turf war” between Davies and another faction. He agrees to help and Nina plants a huge kiss on Roy.

What they got right: With the war over and no Zentraedi yet on the radar (although we’ll be looking at Warriors starting next week) a Robotech opposition group is a good way to go. And by having a civil war brewing between factions could be interesting if done right.

What they got wrong: I think there are too many ties to other characters. I guess Nina was introduced previously, as the sister of Dr. Lang while Leeds is the brother of Vanessa, one of the bridge crew. I’m already against future Supreme Commander Leonard being leader of the fanatical faction of the Faithful and now we keep getting ties to other characters from both factions. I don’t think we need this many ties to past/future characters. It comes off fanfictiony.

Recommendation: Still an interesting story if they can stop tying characters into the later chronological stories.

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  1. Sean says:

    “Why is she doing the dutty wine dance (reggae dance) on mi robotic shoulder?”, the Veritech robot says in a Jamaican accented robotic voice.


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