I think this was me in high school. Or at least it felt like it.

Iron Man vol. 3 #11

Marvel Comics (December, 1998)

“Schedule Conflicts”

WRITER: Kurt Busiek


INKERS: Larry Stucker & Eric Cannon

COLORIST: Steve Oliff

LETTERING: someone at Comicraft who ALSO doesn’t know not to use dark-colored lettering on dark-colored backgrounds. Is this going to be a trend this week?

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

Having nightmares from all his beatings recently Tony lands at his new home in Seattle, which Warbird thinks was to keep tabs on her but it wasn’t. Meanwhile, Tony is healing way too slowly for his doctor, Jane Foster (yes, that Jane Foster). And it gets worse when Tony is called in to identify the body of Whitney Frost, who is supposed to already be death. then Sunset tries to force a hole in Tony’s schedule in her continuing quest to get him to do work for her. Somehow she’s obtained the War Machine armor and while Rhodey recognizes the voice of the man inside Tony’s current state means Iron Man can’t hold his own. When Warbird shows up the fake War Machine threatens to snuff out Iron Man.

What they got right: Tony’s got a nice new place. His inner circle grows with the addition of Thor’s ex. And we have an evil Iron Man, which has potential.

What they got wrong: Happy and Pepper’s relationship seem to be getting worse instead of better, and that makes me sad. And the Madame Masque mystery continues here and if memory serves I don’t think it goes well.

Recommendation: Another great issue. Worth picking up.


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