“Dang it Cliff, I told you that wouldn’t work for cosplay paintball!”

Robotech Warriors #2

Academy Comics (March, 1995)

WRITER: Bill Spangler

LETTERING: Alphabet Soup (not surprisingly when I tried to look this up I couldn’t find anything comics related)

Breetai: “Terror Maker!”

ARTIST: Byron Peneranda

Miriya: “The Voice In The Void”

ARTIST: Jonard Soriano

In the main story Breetai wakes up in the Genesis Pit (where the Invid conduct evolution experiments in search of the ultimate form). He makes his way through, defeating one of the creatures, while an Invid scientist named Tokalyan watches. He hopes that his experiments will convince the Regis that altering their forms in unnecessary as is searching for the stolen Protoculture Matrix and that he will get her over her obsession with Zor and take a place by her side. However, Breetai manages to get into the tunnels going under the Pit, defeating a Shock Trooper and one of Tokalyan’s inorganic soldiers. He finds a way out just as a ship from Mar’Peth finds him.

What they got right: Breetai gets to show off some of his warrior skills and also his intelligence as he dispatches his foes.

What they got wrong: If you don’t have the previous issue handy here are some more Zentraedi words out of nowhere you can’t understand.

The back-up story focuses on Azonia’s fleet. One of the ships suffers problems returning from foldspace. Miriya is sent out with a team to investigate the remains for survivors and supplies and finds the captain floating in space going mad and with strange powers. Miriya attacks in self-defense and a tentacle reaches out from the oddly split body and pulls her and the ship into nothingness.

What they got right: One of the complaints I hear about prequels is that “we already know this character isn’t going to die, so where’s the drama?”, but I find that to be short-sighted. They weren’t going to kill the character off anyway even in a present setting more often than not so by that logic ANY story would lack drama. You watch the prequel story for the same reason you watch a modern story. to see HOW the (I guess in this case) hero survives the encounter. What skill, talent, or just plain lucky act will play in their survival. We’re also poised to see a bit more of foldspace and how it operates. I find that interesting.

What they got wrong: The same problem, but not as bad. Then again the main story only had two lines and this had one, but I don’t know what a Kalindari is or why Azonia is referred to as “Azonia-Kemma without dragging out the previous issue and hoping it’s in there. This is the same problem I have with some fansubs, giving us a random word in another language and expecting that to be special because you can’t write the word “sword” or something.

Recommendation: Both stories have some good potential. Thus far it seems to be worth checking out.


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  1. Sean says:

    This comic sounds like it gives us more insights into who Breetai is and what made him the way he is. On another note, that cover reminds me of how much I used to love to draw Invid when I was in middle school and high school. The Invid was one of the few things from Robotech that I could draw very well.


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