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The end is in sight, the final bouts now just a memory to be relived. Gone are the themes based around boxer names. Now we have themes based on situations again. I’ve always had trouble with themes. My collection is so big and at the time so mixed up that I could always find what I was looking for. So this was a real challenge for me.

In this section we have “Karate Kick”, which was a kick themed martial arts tournament (lucky for me I was reading Acclaim’s version of Ninjak at the time, but it was also around the time I was getting my insides reconnected), “Power Punch”, which was the same but themed around punches instead of kicks, and “Boom”, which required sound effects. Let’s go ringside!

Why Ninjak Is Banned From The Mall (Acclaim Adventure Zone: The Boss/Karate Kick round 2)

Oddly I didn’t save this title for the time Ninjak actually did fight in the mall alongside the Troublemakers. Instead it’s stolen goods and Ninjak takes that line form the second live-action Ninja Turtles movie from the 90s and showed he is a master of his environment.

My Ninja-Fu Is Better (Ninjak vol. 2 #11/Karate Kick round 4)

Using the characters of the Acclaim Ninjak and putting them into an old Chinese martial arts movie was a fun idea, and conveyed some info on the Japanese man who is Ninjak. Long story on that one.

Ninjas Don’t Need Colors (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (reprint)/Karate Kick round 10)

The introduction of the Ninja Turtles gives a clue as to why it became as popular as it was.

Ram And Kick (Tails #3/Karate Kick round 12)

Because Tails is awesome and you won’t convince me otherwise.

It’s Labor Fightin’ Time (Mobile Police Patlabor #6/Power Punch round 1)

Also awesome? Noa Isumi of Special Vehicles Section 2, Division 2.

Punch With Your Feelings (All-New Batman: The Brave & The Bold #2/Power Punch round 7)

Admittedly I like this one mostly for the joke above.

Spidey Likes To Punch Thugs (Amazing Fantasy #16/Power Punch round 9)

The Amazing Fantasy miniseries that bridged the gap between #15 and Amazing Spider-Man #1 is the rare example of a painted art style comic that works. Except for the faces, but you can write that off as blurring while falling from being punched by Spider-Man.

Batman’s Continued War On Skylights (The Batman Adventures #22/Power Punch round 11)

Also Two-Face goes back and forth, switching sides because of the coin. That’s the problem with basing every decision you make on a coin flip.

You’re No Muhammad Ali (Superman Adventures #13/Boom round 3)

Unless you’re Doomsday, Darkseid, or Muhammad Ali, don’t think you can have a fist fight Superman and win.

Mere Slip Of A Girl (Atari Force mini #2/Boom round 6)

Don’t look at me. She’s the one who kept calling herself that.

Monster Wrasslin’ FF Style (Marvel Adventures #9/Boom round 10)

I may not be a big Fantastic Four fan but I’ll cheer them on when they fight an army of giant monsters all at once.

Just Another Day For Starscream (Transformers: Infiltration #6/Boom round 12)

I was actually rooting for Starscream on this one.

This one is short, but I missed so many fights in these tournaments due to illness or my reconnection surgery. However, next week should be the last installment. So join me then to say good-bye to Friday Night Fights!

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