Counting the Bat FAMILY, he on like three different teams right now.

I usually save this for the archives and Patreon but I made a big commentary to go along with this one:

So they did this long story arc about Batman and Catwoman getting married. They explored many angles, made it look like they were the ideal couple, and got people excited to see how this would change the dynamic between the Bat Family. And then they not only tossed it aside but did so by letting the mainstream press spoil the entire thing to tell us we wasted our time getting hyped for this event. That’s a terrible way to do anything!

But it wasn’t the canceling of a Batmarriage that bothers me. It happened on Earth-2 so you know there’s story potential there, but Batman getting married to anyone doesn’t make as much sense to me as the Spider-Marriage or the Supermarriage. (They tried to eliminate the Clark Kent/Lois Lane marriage numerous times as well. They just kept it behind the scenes until the New 52.) But the reason Selina gives for not marrying Bruce, that he supposed needs his misery to properly function as Batman, is pure hogwash! Batman is driven by anger and maybe a bit of brooding. He wants to do what he can to get rid of the same criminal element that took his parents’ lives. But misery isn’t the same as that righteous fury. It’s depression, and depression is more of a stopping force than a driving one. I think he could be happy and still fight crime. Earth-2 proved that. Huntress is originally the daughter of the Earth-2 Bruce and Selina.

Now Selina not wanting to reform from cat burglary and become a crimefighter, for whatever reason, I can believe. But Batman doesn’t need his “misery”. Again, I’m more in favor of an unmarried Batman than I am ending Superman’s marriage, but the silly reason they gave, and the way they ruined (and spoiled) the story arc is something I had to comment on.

In other news I reviewed the Quick Change knockoffs of the G1 Aerialbots in this week’s Clutter Report.

Meanwhile we’re finishing Section 2, “Funeral For A Friend” in our Chapter By Chapter look at The Death & Life Of Superman. I hope to have some good articles since I didn’t get to go to ConnectiCon this weekend. (And Friday was my birthday, too. That would have been a fun birthday. I’m 45 by the way, and not much to show for it, but I’m a stubborn old buzzard.) I hope any of you who got to go had a good time and hopefully I can go next year. The next con is Terrificon, but I’m still unemployed and it’s at Mohegan Sun, a casino. The price is actually cheaper but I bet the rooms aren’t. The hard part there is BW Virtual Mentor Jerzy Drozd is going to be there selling his new comic, so say hi for me! But I do have some leftover con content that I hope to get done soon. And there’s good stuff coming this week here at the Spotlight so I hope you like it.


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  1. Sean says:

    Happy birthday, Tronix. For that convention at the casino, you could attend for one day and drive back home the same day. It would be around an [time redacted by Tronix because he fears the internet] for you from your town to the casino. It’s possible. Just makes for a long day with the driving to there in the morning and the driving back at night (a total of [same] on the road). Well, comic and pop culture conventions aren’t going anywhere. You’ll get to attend those events again in the near future soon as you get working again. Just keep the faith and keep applying. I keep you in my prayers to land a decent job.


    • It might not seem that long but I’ve never been there before, get lost easily, and haven’t really driven in a while between the recovery and not having anywhere to go. Plus I still can’t afford Terrificon itself even for one day. I would like to go. It’s just this year is kind of special since Jerzy will be there. I rarely get to meet internet friends in realspace.


      • Sean says:

        Sorry to hear that. Also, it would be a very dark drive back to your home from there at night. There’s a lot of spots on the roads and highways to the casino where there’s no light poles. Well, I pray then that at this point next summer, you are working and able to attend a convention or two. As I said, keep the faith and keep applying.


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