Even this Logan I barely tolerate.

As much heck as I gave DC’s upcoming kids imprint for having so few classic superhero tales at least they’re making their own kids comic titles based on their characters. While comic publishers seem to have en masse forgotten that what made comics a part of culture in part were the cheap prices to get them so kids could buy them with their allowance, Marvel has decided they don’t even want to bother trying to make their comics kid friendly and outsourcing the “kids version” to IDW Publishing. I know Marvel wants to re-brand itself away from comics and into a “lifestyle/entertainment brand” (as they’ve said themselves) but you’d think they wouldn’t push aside a huge part of their history and what it was created as.

I just hope it goes better for them than the time they tried to have WildStorm publish some of their books…interestingly most of whom are now some of their most popular movie titles. And Fantastic Four. Heroes Reborn was a disaster.

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