image source: Bleeding Fool

As much as I love my local comic store it’s only good if you’re already a fan of comic books. Outside of Stop & Shop I don’t see spinner racks full of comics or comics on the newsstand shelf. When I was a kid I primarily got my comics from the local pharmacy or convenience stores news racks. Even in bookstores now you only get graphic novels and most of those are trade collections because DC and Marvel want to kill the traditional format that created them.

One “alternative” is Alterna Comics, a comic company that still uses newsprint paper to avoid making the consumer pay $5 or more for shiny pages. And they make comics for adults as well as kids and all-ages titles. One of the Art Soundoff contributors, Marshall Lee (who actually lives here in Connecticut but we’ve never met in person), has been trying to work with them since he found out about them Bleeding Fool’s Jamison Ashley interviews the man behind Alterna Comics, publisher Peter Simeti, to see why they’re also moving into the places comics abandoned for the comic store.


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