Sharon hates when the guy in front of her chickens out on the high dive right at the top.

Doctor Who #2

Marvel Comics (November, 1984)

COVER ART: Dave Gibbons, Dave Cockrum, & Frank Giacola

COVER COLORIST: George Roussos


US COLORIST: Andy Yanchus

US EDITOR: Jim Salicrup

“Doctor Who & The Star Beast” part 2

{originally appeared in Doctor Who Magazine #s 19-26)

WRITERS; Pat Mills & John Wagner

ARTIST: Dave Gibbons

UK EDITOR: Paul Neary

“Throwback: The Soul Of A Cybermen” part 1

(originally appeared in Doctor Who Magazine #s 5-7)

WRITER: Steve Moore

ARTIST: Steve Dillon

EDITOR: Dez Skinn

The Doctor helps Meep escape the Wrarth Warriors, only to realize he left Fudge and his mom behind. With Sharon taking Meep back to his ship, the Doctor confronts his enemies, only to learn Meep is the actual enemy and the Warriors are essentially space cops. Meep’s race used to be gentle and kind until radiation from a black sun turned them evil. That same radiation powers Meep’s ship, which he uses to take control of Sharon, UNIT soldiers guarding the crash site, and some steelworkers anxious to get back to work. Aided by the Wrarth, the Doctor frees Sharon but she refuses to believe Meep is evil until he shows his true colors and tries to destroy the planet to make a star jump. The Doctor manages to foil his plans and the Wrarth rescues Sharon and captures Meep.

What they got right: Marvel US put the break between issues at the right spot, leaving Meep’s evil thoughts for this issue and giving us a good cliffhanger with the bomb (which we’re told is removed). We also get to see UNIT make an appearance.

What they got wrong: Some of the breaks between magazine strips are a bit too obvious, the worst being one panel where The Doctor exclaims that Sharon is in danger and then in the next he’s sitting down to tea and cake with Fudge, his mom, and the two warriors. And how did he get his scarf back? Also, the Doctor builds a device to repel the Wrarth Warriors, which is something the Third Doctor would do but not the Fourth.

In the back-up story a team of Cybermen are sent to back up a group dealing with a rebel uprising on a world they’ve conquered. The junior Cyberleader, Kroton, finds this curious because he doesn’t understand what emotions are, but seeks to as it defies logic. He tries to make contact with the rebels and even finds ways to keep them from being killed in the hopes of finding out why they’re opposing a logical rule, but one of the rebels he tries to (for lack of a better word) “befriend” is ready to kill him as just another invader!

This first part is actually rather interesting. Cybermen have their emotions purged during the cyborging process but here’s one who has no emotions but wants to understand them. It’s a slightly different take on the robot trying to understand emotions because he probably had some (or at least the potential) before becoming a Cyberman. I wish I had the ending of this story but I don’t have the next issue. Instead next week I’ll be using the IDW reprint that contains the same story as next issue and it doesn’t include this one. But it’s a good start.

Recommendation: A good conclusion to the first story and a good start to the back-up. It’s worth looking into.


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  1. Sean says:

    The Cyberman story is a good one. These stories were also great ways for American audiences to become acquainted with some of the Doctor’s various adversaries. Other issues would feature stories focusing on Sontarans, Sea Devils, etc.


  2. […] the magazine comic story they’re adapting, I looked at the Marvel US reprints in issue #1 and issue #2. Does this mean that Sharon will now be canon? Are all the Big Finish stories canon or just the […]


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