There is a big problem with modern copyrights for media. It’s based on an old system that doesn’t factor in the internet for example. Well, music creators at least are about to see a change in music copyright that will benefit them, which is a good thing. I wonder how this will cover “fair use” for reviewers or people using a certain song as a tribute to their friends and not some monetized YouTube show?


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  1. Sean says:

    Wow….this is one of the few times that Republicans and Democrats have worked together peacefully on a bill! This is true bipartisanship that will ensure that musicians get the full economic compensation that they truly deserve. Due to changes in terms of music and the internet, this bill very much needs to become law. I’m thinking of the musicians. They deserve full economic compensation for their work. Hopefully, if this becomes law, it does not impact “fair use” too much.

    Nice touch putting up part of a page from that classic Transformers issue where the Transformers show up at a Bruce Springsteen concert! I remembered buying that comic book in December 1985 the first time I visited a real comic book specialty shop (one that’s still open even today and where I still go to for purchasing back issues).


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