In a previous Showcase we looked at the first two episodes of Transformers Cyberverse, the latest Transformers cartoon. I had my problems with it, but hoped for the best. I’m still hoping.

Hasbro has released two more episodes, but they missed one, the episode where Bumblebee and Windblade steal the Decepticon ship, which will be their base and how they will continue to access Bumblebee’s lost memories. It’s part two of “Memories”, the second episode, and Cartoon Network has it on their website, at least as of this writing. (Thanks to for that link.) The next two episodes are up on YouTube so let’s take a look.

So they couldn’t get Peter Cullen back for Optimus? The replacement VA sounds like he’s trying to sound like Cullen and not quite making it. It’s a bit distracting. But at least it works most of the time. Megatron has a generic villain voice and I swear he’s trying to hide an Australian accent. So is Bumblebee now tied to the All-Spark somehow or was he just the bot holding it at the time? So now we know what happened to the All-Spark in this continuity, but how does that factor into Bumblebee’s current situation?

Well, this seems closer to the originals, although Grimlock seems to have gone supersmart, as if someone wanted to subvert the typical Grimlock depiction. It’s like if Shattered Glass Grimlock was a good guy, and that just doesn’t work for me. I don’t mind that he’s not an idiot, but he’s a bit too flowery with the language. And now we have some idea of how they ended up on Earth, and it seems the All-Spark is here. But how did they get here? What happened to Bumblebee’s memory? Did the Ark crash? Will Optimus ever get Teletran-1’s name right? (I swear I thought they called it Teletron-1 by mistake until Bumblebee said it right.) The answers may be coming.

So has this raised my opinion of Cyberverse? A little. It does seem like an interesting storyline. I still don’t like the art style, still don’t like the 11 minute episode thing since this is supposed to be a TV show, and Megatron has the wrong voice but it does still have potential. Hopefully they’ll reach it. We’ll see if they release more episodes online or when the show finally reaches Cartoon Network.


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